TUC issues european referendum alert to May

The Trades Union Congress, has warned Theresa may, she is ready to throw his “weight” behind calls for a referendum on the final of “brexit” case.

TUC leader Frances O’grady said that if the government has struck “the case that working people need” with the EU, it calls for a “popular vote”.

“It’s just that people should get a say,” she told the BBC.

The government has rejected another european referendum, saying that it is working to the success of “brexit”.The GMB union backs referendum on “brexit” treat

Labour says that it does not call for another public vote, but a referendum on the conditions of “brexit” should be “on the table”.

A referendum such as this, it is the demand that the Vote of the People of the countryside, which has the support of some Deputies of the two largest parties.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show as the TUC conference begins in Manchester, Ms. O’grady has urged the government to extend the united KINGDOM’s accession to the EU in order to allow more time for negotiations.

“Time is running out and fall out of the EU would be an absolute disaster for the people we represent,” she said.

She said that the people the means of existence in companies such as BMW, Airbus and Jaguar are in the game, calling for the employment and the rights of workers to be the priority of the government.

“I want to give advice to the prime minister today that if we don’t get the deal that working people need, and then the TUC will be throwing our full weight behind a campaign for a popular vote, so people say that this case is good enough or not,” she said, adding that the union leaders always consult with their members when they negotiate an agreement.

Last week, the GMB Union has announced its support to the Vote of the People of the countryside.

To coincide with the start of the TUC conference, the Vote of the People has published polling which suggests that most of the members of Unison, Unite and GMB has supported the campaign of his application.

He said the YouGov poll of more than 2,700 trade unionists was evidence of “growing momentum” for his campaign.

But Mick Cash, Rail, Maritime and Transport union, said unionists had voted for the exit “in large numbers” because they were “sick of austerity” and a “race to the bottom on labour and compensation”.

He added: “The speech of a second vote on the time of withdrawal is de facto a second referendum, depending on how you try to dress it up and risks becoming a Trojan horse for civil unrest in our streets.”Without treat warning

Asked if she backed another european referendum, CBI director-general Carolyn Fairbairn said the focus should instead be on the government of Chequers Plan, outlined in a White Paper last month.

“The uncertainty is what is really damaging to our businesses at the present time,” she told BBC Radio 5 Live Pienaar’s Politics.

Ms Fairbairn said the failure to reach any agreement would be “a disaster” for the companies.

“There are a lot of companies who do not know whether their products would be legally and marketable in a business world.

“This is an incredibly serious thing to consider as a possibility, I think because we are so close to it now, it would be a disaster and it really should be taken off the table by both parties”.