Pence is convinced that his staff had nothing to do with writing the article in the New York Times

Vice-President Mike Pence said he is “100 percent sure” that none of the staff has nothing to do with an anonymous article in the New York Times criticizing the leadership style of President Donald trump.

Speaking on CBS, Pence said he was not interrogated its employees regarding this article.

“I know them, – he explained. – I know their character.”

According to the Vice-President, his assistants are also committed to advancing the agenda of trump, as he Pens.

He also said that spectracolor Robert Mueller is investigating Russia’s intervention in the presidential election of 2016, appealed to him with a request to answer his questions. Pence said he was ready to talk with Mueller, if requested.

The Vice President added that he answered all the requests for information received from spectacular, and will do so further.