In London, the hapless thief was knocked out partner

MOSCOW, Aug 25 — RIA Novosti. In London, the thief-the loser knocked out by his accomplice with a brick while trying to smash the glass door, the video of the incident posted on YouTube.

The footage shows how three young men approaching the building on a motorcycle. Then two of the attacker, holding a brick, approaching the glass doors, then one of them tries to smash it from close range. Meanwhile, the second perpetrator throws a brick through the door from afar, but gets instead of a door at the head of his hapless partner, after which he falls unconscious.

The offender tries to bring the victim in a sense, but it prevents the guard came to the rescue. At the end of the video, the robbers quickly retire, leaving his partner lying on the ground unconscious.

Last year, national statistical service of great Britain revealed an increase in level of crime in the United Kingdom by March 2017 in the country there were almost five million crimes, which is 10% more than for the preceding accounting period, which means that the most rapid growth over the last ten years.