Nikolay Drozdov has released the audiobook “the Orthodox catechism” of his famous ancestor

Moscow. September 7. INTERFAX – TV Presenter Nikolai Drozdov recorded the audio version of “the Orthodox catechism”, written by his cousin preprepared by the Holy Hierarch Philaret of Moscow (Drozdov).

Creating audiobooks is a joint project of the publishing house of the Moscow Patriarchate and radio “Faith”.

“The legacy of Metropolitan Philaret, Saint of the XIX century, true today. In his writings and sermons, the Saint shown by the example of the Christian attitude to government and public issues. He, pastor and theologian, understood, and felt all the world of culture – remember, his poetic correspondence with Pushkin. Finally, the writings of St. translation of the Bible into modern Russian language and the creation of the “Catechism” written in simple understandable language, it is successful and effective, as we would say today, missionary projects,” – said at the presentation at the Moscow book fair radio presenter Konstantin Matsan.

The premiere edition of the “Catechism” performed by N. Drozdov will take place on radio “Faith” in the “heavenly Springs” on the day of the Church new year on September 14.