Under the Parliament rally: “No – election law Yanukovych”

In Kiev on Constitution square near the Parliament on 6 September the campaign, the only demand of the protesters – an urgent electoral reform.

It is reported by the Censor.NO.

“The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in particular the coalition factions of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, Solidarity and the people’s front, must fulfill his promise to repeal the electoral law of Yanukovych and to adopt a new Electoral code, which provides for the holding of parliamentary elections on proportional system with open regional lists. Existing electoral rules – the root of the political, and hence of the entire high-level corruption in Ukraine. They were introduced in 2011 on the direct orders of Viktor Yanukovych,“ – said the organizers.

They recalled that “immediately after the revolution of Dignity Petro Poroshenko has promised to cancel the old corrupt electoral system and establish a proportional system with open regional lists. Later the same promise was given 302 deputies, signatories to the Coalition agreement. In November last year under pressure from the street of 226 MPs supported the Electoral code in first reading“.

“But now the President and his faction is a huge temptation to fail in electoral reform. With the old election rules to remain in power the most odious and corrupt will be much easier – with massive voter bribery and administrative resources on a mazhoritarka. The majority of the County is already divided now… to Fulfill the basic demand of the revolution of Dignity – to change the system, not the person. Electoral reform is a real change in the system,“ – said Organizatory shares.

The action involved a public movement Chesno, Automaidan, the agrarian party, Freedom, social movement WAVE, the party of civic position, Dimalanta, Evropeiska party of Ukraine, people’s control, Narodniy Rukh Ukrainy, the National Body, Ob’єdnannya Samopomich, the power of the People, Vizvolennya, Ruch novih forces, the Ukrainian Galician Party, DILL, Ukrainian Ob’єdnannya patriotiv.

Also to the Verkhovna Rada there were women from different regions of Ukraine with the requirement to include in the new election law a 50 percent gender quota. They require the introduction in the electoral law sanctions against those political forces who violate the quota principle of forming electoral lists.

As reported on 6 September, the CEC simplified the procedure for changing voting places for residents of Donbass.