The Catholic Church in Russia has not yet made a decision on the liturgical veneration of Slovak girl who was killed a Soviet soldier

Moscow. September 3. INTERFAX – Russian Catholics have not yet made decisions about the compulsory veneration of the 16-year-old Slovak girl, Anna Kolesarova, killed in the war, a Soviet soldier for refusing to join with him in communications.

As reported, on the eve of the Catholic Church of Slovakia ranked Anna beatified, that is, committed an act of beatification that precedes canonization.

“Any act of beatifully is recognized by the entire Catholic Church, but this does not necessarily mean the liturgical worship of man in the whole Catholic world. The Catholic Church in Russia has not yet addressed the issue of the veneration of this Saint in the calendar”, – told the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion” on Monday, the Secretary General of the conference of Catholic bishops of Russia, priest Igor Kovalevsky.

He said that many of the saints revered only in the local calendar, and Anna Kolesarova is also a local blessed, and although in the future the rank of her veneration can be extended, however, at the moment of the liturgical veneration of Anna is voluntary. The priest said that on the eve of a Sunday mass also it is mentioned, considering that this girl is “an example for all Catholics.”

The spokesman urged not to look for political background in the beatification of the girl killed Soviet soldier.

“Beatification and canonization are being committed on religious grounds, not political. In this case we are talking about such virtues as chastity, loyalty to the gospel, and no policy can not be here”, – said the priest.

As similar examples, when the canonization of the brackets imposed political issues of a person’s biography, father Igor brought Pope Pius IX, the former in his time, opponent of the unification of Italy, and Nicholas II, who was canonized not for decisions made by them on the Imperial throne, and for a Martyr’s end and conformity with Christian virtues.