Photos fought in the Donbass representatives of the LGBT was shown at the exhibition in Kiev

In the capital opened an exhibition We were here on the Ukrainian-the representatives of sexual minorities, fought in the East of Ukraine.

This is stated in the story TSN.

The Creator of the exhibition managed to persuade to be photographed only nine members of the LGBT community. Their portraits are exhibited with closed faces and changed names. However, while the draft was prepared, one of the guys told all about their orientation: first, the sister from the battalion, and then the whole Ukraine.

The exhibition is held under enhanced security measures. On the street of visitors is guarded by a squad of police, and inside the guards at all check the contents of the bags. Everyone is afraid of provocations by radicals.

It is noted that the author of the project Anton Shepetko two months looking for among the gays and lesbians of those who defended the land of the Donbas from Pro-Russian militants.

“I didn’t believe that I will be able to implement this project. Let’s say that there are people over fifty, there are LGBT people, there are women, there is everything,“ says the author.

One of the heroes of the exhibition – 34-year-old girl, whose portrait is signed as Sophia, his real name does not call – fear of attack. On the front, the girl fought in the infantry. His orientation does not advertise, but admits that this was not necessary – there all equal.

Participant of the exhibition, which opened – Victor Pylypenko ( call – French), a veteran of the battalion Donbass. In 2015, defended the settlement of Shirokino near Mariupol. During the preparation of the exhibition Victor decided to put in Facebook a public confession. Says that radicals no longer afraid.

“I’m gay. Open. Yes. My name is Victor Pilipenko, I fought for Ukraine, for its independence, its sovereignty. And here I will attack someone? For what? Because I was protecting their Asses,“ says the Frenchman.

As reported, the radicals 2017 disrupted more than 70 LGBT events.