Patriarch Bartholomew calls uncanonical intervention of Moscow in the Church Affairs of Ukraine and leave it right behind him

Washington/Moscow. September 3. INTERFAX – Patriarch Bartholomew insists on the right of the Church of Constantinople to resolve the Ukrainian Church problem without the participation of the Moscow Patriarchate.

“Because Russia as responsible for the current painful situation in Ukraine is not able to solve the problem, the Ecumenical Patriarchate took the initiative to resolve the problem in accordance with the authority vested in him by the sacred canons and jurisdictional responsibility over the diocese of Kiev, receiving a request from the Ukrainian government, and repeated requests “Patriarch” Filaret of Kiev on appeal for our consideration of his case,” said Patriarch Bartholomew held in Istanbul on 1-3 September a Synaxis (the Cathedral – if) Church of Constantinople.

He also said that “non-canonical intervention of Moscow in Kiev and tolerance on the part of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in previous years do not justify any Church disorders.”

The text of the speech published on the website of the UOC in the USA (subject to Constantinople).

In his speech, Patriarch Bartholomew questioned the canonicity of the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

“Since the beginning of the XIV century, when the Kiev cathedra was moved without canonical permission of the Mother-Church in Moscow, conducted a relentless struggle of our brothers in Kiev for independence from Church control by Moscow center” – said Patriarch Bartholomew.

This control, he said, sometimes resulted in the “acquisition and restoration of dioceses, conducting non-canonical election of bishops, and also to the emergence of schisms, which continue to suffer the pious Ukrainian people.”

“Tomos, proclaimed Moscow as a Patriarchate, the current land of the Kyivan Metropolitanate was not related to the jurisdiction of Moscow. Moreover, after the well-known way in which Moscow was proclaimed a Patriarchate from the Ecumenical Patriarch Jeremiah II (Tranas), the canonical dependence of Kiev from Constantinople the Mother Church remains constant and continuous,” – said Patriarch Bartholomew.

Representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate has not yet commented on the statement of the Patriarch Bartholomew at the Synaxis.