Klitschko took part in the farewell to McCain: he fought all his life for values, for democracy

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko took part in the farewell events with U.S. Senator John McCain, which took place on Saturday in Washington. Klitschko received an invitation from the family of John McCain and the Senate of the United States.

About it reports a press-service of the mayor.

The mayor of Kiev, visited the National memorial service in Washington National Cathedral, which was attended by family and friends of McCain, his 106-year-old mother, senators and congressmen, employees of the office of Senator, invited world politics. The service was made by former U.S. presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

“John McCain was a man, the life which it is possible to write not one book, starting from his youth, military service, the way in politics. He was a real fighter, a patriot, a man of high principles, – said Klitschko in comments to journalists. – By the way, few know, McCain has a direct relationship to the box. He was co-author of the so-called law of Muhammad Ali, who had shared the powers of promoters, managers and boxers. This is a very important law for the rights of athletes. Senator many times and was on the battle – supporting me and Wladimir,” said Vitali Klitschko.

Kyiv mayor noted that he was grateful to McCain for political support, for his advice.

“After my sports career, he has also supported me as a politician, gave advice. I am very grateful for that. Because thoughts, tips this experienced, influential policy – is always valuable,” – said Klitschko.

He noted that Ukraine has lost a great friend who believed in her and helped. “All his life he fought for values, for democracy. And we are very grateful that during the revolution of dignity John McCain were also with us on the Maidan, supporting the desire of Ukrainians to live in a modern, democratic country. The memory of him will remain in our hearts”, – said Vitaly Klitschko.

Before the ceremony in Washington National Cathedral Klitschko briefly spoke with former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, special envoy of the US state Department on Ukraine with Kurt Volker, former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the former President of Georgia Saakashvili and other politicians.

Last week John McCain said goodbye in the Phoenix (Arizona), Friday of memorial events were held in the Capitol in Washington.

The famous politician buried 2 Sep in Annapolis (Maryland) in the Military-the U.S. naval Academy, which he finished.