John McCain will be buried on the territory of the naval Academy in Annapolis

On Sunday at noon local time, the military hero of America, Senator John McCain will be buried on the territory of the Military-the U.S. naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

McCain, in the past, marine pilot, was a graduate of the Academy of 1958.

The decision of the family of the deceased farewell ceremony will be private.

Earlier on Saturday, Washington national Cathedral held a memorial service dedicated to John McCain, who died on 25 August as a result of cancer.

At the memorial service, except widow Cindy McCain, children and 106-year-old mother of the deceased, was attended by many invited guests: politicians, diplomats, cultural figures and arts, representatives of the Church.

Speaking at the ceremony were former President George W. Bush and Barack Obama, other prominent politicians.

President Donald trump was not invited to any of the farewell ceremonies, the memory of McCain, which took place in Washington and in Phoenix, capital of Arizona.