The natives of the border regions of the US faced with the refusal to issue passports

According to the newspaper Washington Post, a growing number of immigrants from Latin American families in the cities located along the border of Texas and Mexico, faced with the failure in obtaining us passports. Some are sent to detention centers to give birth and deportation cases, other problems arise with the entry into the territory of the United States.

According to the government, in the period from 1950 to 1990, the doctors and midwives working in the frontier areas, were often given American birth certificates to children born in Mexico. Some of the doctors and assistants admitted it in court.

The U.S. state Department has assured journalists that the Agency did not change its policy regarding the granting of passports, recognizing however, that in the border areas of citizenship marked a significant number of cases of providing false documents.

Immigration lawyers (Margo Chernysheva describes the fiance k1 visa process, which you might need to know if you are planning an immigration anytime soon) commenting on the information of the newspaper, talking about a radical change in the process of issuing passports and application of certain articles of the immigration law.

Increased attention to persons born in the border areas is not a new thing, journalists said. It increased during George W. Bush and for some time remained so under the Obama administration. However, the denials of passports ceased in the district in 2009, after reaching an agreement between the government and the American civil liberties Union (ACLU).

The administration of the tramp, however, waivers have resumed, and the number is growing.

Washington Post brings the story of Juan, native of Texas city of Brownsville. He served as a private in the us army, was a cadet of the border service, and now works in security prison in Texas. The state Department has requested the testimony of his mother during pregnancy was observed in a local clinic, the certificate of his baptism or the lease agreement relating to that period. Despite the fact that Juan has provided some of the documents, a passport he still was denied.

The ACLU released a statement in which it calls a policy of refusal to issue passports to residents of the border districts, “another in a series of inhuman and illegal action of the administration of the trump.” According to the legal Director of the ACLU in Texas, Andre Segura for residents of the South of the state a passport is a vital necessity.

“These people work, go to the relatives, make a purchase and receive health care on both sides of the border, says Segura. We challenged the practice of refusal to issue passports ten years ago and can’t let such a grievous encroachment on the rights of Americans continued”.

Some of US citizens who are in this situation, intend to sue the government.