“Moscow is built on our treasures”

In the modern world continue to exist numerous knightly orders, secret societies and organizations established centuries ago, from the Freemasons and Rosicrucians to the Cossacks. Some are trying to find their place in modern times, other wider public almost nothing is known. Refer to the second of the Templars — the followers of the order of the Temple, which is associated with legends about the fabulous treasures and the Holy Grail. In Russia there are several associations whose members call themselves knights Templar. Some of the atmosphere of mystery, believe in by Templar roots of Donald trump and declare raids on Pussy Riot; others are partying; others hasten to disappoint and say that hunts, mysticism and political ambitions is not to the Templars. “Ribbon.ru” looked at the world of domestic knights of the Temple and found out whether they dream of a new crusade.News from the past

The end of the second decade of the XXI century is an interesting time. Everywhere they are building walls, real and virtual, the world is looking for poisoners and spies in Russia Freemasons are Instagram, the Cossacks attack the opposition, and the answer for them is single-handedly keeping the Cossack blogger. All this is reminiscent of cybercriminology.

It was even more surprising — at the St. Petersburg headquarters of Cossacks attacked, looted it and desecrated. It was alleged that the stolen Cossack sabers, sabers, whips, Maltese dagger, and the room had a mystic ritual: everywhere were scattered dead fish with no head, and the cross of the Chairman of the Board of elders pinned a white glove. Cossacks accused in the attack of the previous chieftain, which previously kicked because of membership in the knights Templar.

It would seem that all this sounds like a joke. But soon the Templars made a statement that this person they have been expelled from the order. It turns out that in 2018 the Templars in Russia they accept you into their ranks, and some are excluded. That is, there are.

The once mighty European knightly order was founded in 1118-1119 year and disappeared along with their legendary treasure in 1312, when the massacre of the knights perpetrated by the French king Philip IV the fair. The order tried to bring back to life not once. In the XVIII century it was revived as the Masonic order, in the nineteenth century received another birth in Europe and the USA and continues to operate in the twenty-first century. In 2018, the order is celebrating the 900th anniversary.

Even in the Western press about the Templars remember quite rare. Edition the Independent in 2017 talked about the demonization of the knights of pop culture, which was the reason that the modern Templars are associated with the right-wing and even Nazi. Under the ban in the city of Charnwood got mugs with the symbols of the order, because this symbolism allegedly insulted the feelings of Muslims. Responsibility for the promotion of a negative image in the publication is partially laid at Director Ridley Scott and his film “Kingdom of heaven”, in which the Templars represented the most violent racists among the crusaders.

In this text, we are reminded that the Templar-Crusader called themselves Norwegian mass murderer Andres Breivik. He said that allegedly entered into a nationalist secret society the “knights Templar”. After the attacks, Norwegian politicians have received letters, signed “the order of the Temple”, in which some people demanded to recognize the actions of Breivik’s necessary for the country, otherwise threatened to destroy the ruling elite of Norway.

British GQ magazine along with the author of a book about the Templars by Dan Jones came to the conclusion that the Templars have fallen victim to fake news: when the persecution was gaining momentum, the Templars so efficiently slandered and accused of various sins that many of the knights in the end burned at the stake.

Other references are associated with violent Mexican drug cartel Los Cabelleros Templarios (“Knights Templar”).

However, all of this is more about the brand “Templar” and its operation. Information on the activities of these modern European Templar in the press practically does not occur. In the Russian news. We the Templars are mentioned except in the context of the series Asassin”s Creed series, “the Fall of the Order” and signs on the coincidence of Friday the 13th (it is believed that Friday the 13th began the massacre of the knights of the Temple).From the middle ages to the commandments trump-Templar

Where there is no help news aggregators, helping social networks and search engines. Pretty quickly able to find several Russian organizations that call themselves Templars.

One of them — the public organization “Defenders of Orthodox Christians name the Holy Prince Dmitry Donskoy”. It is headed by lawyer Andrey Trunov from “Trunov, Aivar and partners”. He is known for participating in the trials of the victims of the attacks, and from the relatively recent protection of the interests of the French musician Didier Marouani, who tried to sue Philip Kirkorov 75 million rubles for plagiarism in the song “Cruel love”. Russian singer, in turn, said that he extorted money. In addition, Trunov has appeared in the scandal centre when it tried to deprive of the lawyer status, but the status he has maintained and is now regularly aired in the media on various occasions — from the deprivation of the status of the lawyer Mark Feigin before the verdict thief in law Shakro Young. Trunov also headed the Moscow branch of the Russian red cross.

On the site of the Priory tamplierov published a detailed Charter, which shows that the organization has “public benefit purpose”, primarily related to the strengthening of Orthodox culture, heritage and morals, and a decent moral upbringing of children. From the requirements it is clear that the Templars are taking adult citizens, the decision on admission shall render a meeting of the organization, and the entrance and periodic fees are non-refundable.

There are also published the 12 principles of medieval knights-crusaders (for example, “I Pledge to shun all of shamelessness and not to participate in any works of the flesh, except in the due and wife is permitted”), as well as the commandments of a modern Templar (“Continuously fight for the rights of man and defend the weak and the dispossessed”, “always Give priority to dialogue and exchange of views, not confrontation and war”, “Never forget that your rights and freedom end where begin the rights and freedom of others” — and so on).

In the news section — as their own news organizations, and reprints of articles, various information resources. Here the calls for the crusaders to respond to all the threats to Christians by the Syrian terrorists, and interviews about the secrets of Russian Templar, which States that the word “Moscow” some historians translated from Latin as “men’s fraternity (Mosqa)”, and a message stating that the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia awarded the order of the Templars of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow. In the photo from the ceremony is hidden face to some in attendance a law enforcement officer with the epaulets of a Colonel.

In the news you can find the message about the action of Pussy Riot in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2012. “For the information, allowing to find and to initiate criminal proceedings against the organizers and accomplices of the criminal antichristian actions of the punk band PUSSYRIOT who should be severely punished, we are announcing a reward of 300 thousand rubles”, — said Trunov. It also contains a call to report other cases of abuse of believers ‘ feelings: “We have decided on incentives for the individuals, who reported about committed or planned crime.”

One of the relatively recent publications of Donald trump. He is a hereditary Templar.

“Few people know that “simple guy” from Brooklyn, trump is a descendant of one of the founders of the ancient Order of the knights Templar — commander Hugh Salma — misleading readers. — And the current standoff in the world, and in America — not that other, as a century of confrontation between two orders — the Templars and the Hospitallers. For the first few centuries in America came to power a Templar”.

At the Priory is your community in the “Vkontakte” and Facebook. Among the participants, by the way, you meet people in Cossack uniform on the avatar and those who chose the symbolism of the Freemasons. One of the fans of Freemasonry lot of photos of the Assembly and the assemblies of the lodges. They are often found Trunov.

“Ribbon.ru” tried to contact Andrey Trunov. At first he was not against interviews and even appointed time, but at the last moment refused to speak on the subject of the Templars and didn’t explain why.The order of the import from Bulgaria

To shed light on what the Templars in Russia, said the leader of the other knights ‘ organization, the Great General of the General Prior of the Great Priory of Russia, the Supreme Knight of the Order of the temple of Jerusalem Alexei Andreev. As it soon turns out that he does not consider legitimate “French branch”, which is probably true organization Trunova, and in the life of a Templar everything is much more prosaic: it has no hunting the enemies of Christianity, nor of political ambitions nor even a special social significance.

On the site of the Priory there is practically no fresh news, no links to groups in social networks. There you can find only patents on succession, signed by the Grand Master of the order, prayers, the list of requirements and indication that the organization is not connected with the masons, is not esoteric, occult, secret or mystery. There is a list of recommended reading literature, mostly in English, and a section with the works of Templar brothers, including lyrics in Russian. Poetry, for example.

“The country of departed greatness,A country of heroes and gods,I am sorry you guisePower the crooks, thieves.

Fields, forests your familyFilled with blood and labor,But Orthodox shrinesStill keep our native home.

Are the crosses on the domesAs a shield, as a banner the canopy.And Pure virgin, above us —We are Russian, God is with us!

We will revive former glory!We will defend love in the hearts!And satanic poisonWe are plagued. And the fear will disappear!”

“Ribbon.ru”: As you should be treated? Your Excellency?

Alex Andreev: in the order — Yes. He is feudal, and there is a roster. So I turn to other priors and masters degrees. He is the lordship, and the rest according to rank. It is a tradition, this does not mean that one member of the order better than the other. You can call me Alex.

Alex, how was the organization of the Templars in Russia? There is a theory that members of the order have been here long enough, but the accuracy of these events, so to speak…

This version is true and historically proven. It is known that in the West of Russia and in Belarus there are several ruined templarskych of commanderst the times of Andrey Bogolyubsky (the son of Yuri Dolgoruky, who lived in the XII century — approx. “”). In addition, there is an old record, that is referred to as galleys with the knights sailed to the North, and fled from the “dogs” of the French king and brought to Russia the treasures for which, quite possibly, was based in Moscow. However, it is not written that it was the Templars, but because at the time these events are more or less the same, I am inclined to think that it was so.

But in today’s Russia?

It all happened simply enough. At the time, being a delegate to the world Congress of Aikido in Japan, I saw the Bulgarian delegation some interesting icons. We met, but what exactly is the meaning of these icons — I then said. But was invited to come to Bulgaria and meet on this topic. I came, looked, and found that it was on the order of the Temple, the Templars. I was amazed that in a modern country, and even non-Catholic, there is a subdivision of the order, which I thought is long gone.

Then gathered about 50 people in white coats, they are ritually entered the temple, prayed, thus there was an Orthodox priest. The main thing that struck me was that people treated each other exceptionally friendly and open, truly fraternal. I looked at them — and I wanted to, and we have in Russia, too, was so.

That is, you Orthodox Templars?

I’ve been in meetings of the Templars in the different countries and churches of different denominations. In Bulgaria — Orthodox. In the UK they are in the Anglican churches serve. In Catholic churches, seen only in Portugal.

After reviewing the order of about a year we went to learn etiquette, the ritual order. Then in Bulgaria held a dedication involving priors from different countries and knights from Romania, Greece, France and Germany. Then took the knights 28, the Russians, and then we got right to work independently. It was about ten years ago.

You don’t see contradiction in the fact that Christianity came originally Catholic order?

Any contradiction there. Firstly, now inside the order allowed any denomination — of course, only Christian. Secondly, before you start this activity, I asked friends who are historians to make a brief reference about the order, from which I learned that the order was established when there was no division on Orthodox and Catholic Church.

In addition, it is believed that the first knights initiated between the palms of the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople. And only seven years later, they landed in France, after which the Pope learned something about them and began to bestow the order of the temple of the graces and privileges. The order has always had its own priests who did not obey the local dioceses.”Go back and forth with candles and swords”

The order are knights. The knight needs something or someone to serve. Who or what purpose serve the modern knights Templar?

The last Charter written in Portugal, where until recently lived the Great Master of the Order, His Majesty don Fernando Campello Pinto Pereira de Sousa Fontes. Unfortunately, he died on may 18 of this year, he was about 90 years old. The Charter was fixed very simple goals, declared commitment to Christianity and Christian European culture, the protection of the Church and faith, but the Statute does not require celibacy and renunciation of ownership.

The goal, in principle, the same for the entire order. But I have to say honestly that the biggest finances in order there, and mostly members of the order choose a specific task according to his ability: the temple restored, someone conducts historical research and publishes them online. Great social activity there is, and this goal is not worth it.

There are several neoteleostei orders. I am convinced of the legitimacy of the Portuguese branch of the order. Generally, it is a separate issue that has been well studied, but the presentation of it would take a lot of time. After the arrest of Jacques de Molay commandery of the order of the left throughout Europe. Some of them created order, part, joined the order of Hospitallers. Already in modern times there are examples of breakaway parts. For example, there is the American part that broke away in 1980. They had to abandon historical continuity, but they won all courts in the States, and they moved us the property and several large charities.

What is your relationship with the ROC?

We tried to establish relations with the Russian Orthodox Church, but without any results. As I said, if you do the same thing that we’re doing, then it is not correct; if something else, something interesting. In addition, there is a pervasive opinion that the order of the Church Catholic. But I know a few Orthodox priests that it is normal to treat the Templars.

If we the Church recognized and led to us spiritually, we would be happy. Perhaps, someday it will happen. We are now in, for example, a charity trying to help the orphanages, go on Saturdays.

How many members of the order in Russia?

Dedication were more than 200 people from different cities and regions. We meet several times a year at the Chapter of the Order. How to write detractors in Facebook, “go back and forth with candles and swords.” Most often this occurs in some meeting rooms.

Seeking to join the order? What they do and who are you taking?

Knocking completely different people. Someone wants to acquire ancient knowledge, which, however, are available in templarskych churches in Europe. There are just romance, someone with childhood dreams of becoming a knight, someone believes that this initiation will bring him in personal nobility, though we in the country do not of the nobility. There are those who seek to become a member of a huge number of organizations knocking to us, and to the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons. Apparently, trying to get as much of grace. We pretty tough screen out candidates because we do not have the problem of numerical growth.

Among us are historians, writers, journalists, businessmen. Belonging to the so-called elite of the society we have.

How is the rite of passage?

The ceremony is completely traditional. As in the middle Ages, people ahead holds vigil over the weapons, looking at the sword and the Bible and thinks, why would he even be in order. To applicants, of course, conducted numerous interviews, which should give the answer to the question whether we are asking for acceptance and what they are looking for.

Knightly vows — the same that was in the middle Ages. We swear to defend the faith, Christian culture, help the needy, protect the weak.

Strict prohibitions have?

There are obligations and debt. All the prohibitions outlined in the Bible, we do not need to repeat them. There were cases when from the order were expelled. It’s frustrating.

Is it expensive to be a Templar?

Inexpensive. It depends on what and how you plan to do. We have a small entrance fee. Then every Priory in the country determines how and what to collect. To rent rooms, equipment, stationery, candles and so on.Belarusian orgies and real treasure of the knights Templar

You met personally with the late master de Souza of Fantasm?

Yes, we met. Talked about the structure of the order, its organization and, most important, about how to unite people to a common social programs that we were useful, not just inside cooked. He was a very interesting person. In English he understood, but to say it didn’t and we spoke through an interpreter in French and Portuguese.

He created the impression of a powerful man?

He was. Another thing is that he wasn’t abusing his power and not flaunt wealth. Sometimes was strict but always calm and confident. A strong man he was.

In Russia, the Templars live in perfect harmony? It also operates more than one organization of the knights Templar…

In Russia, they are or three, or four. Is the order of the Oriental Templars, the Templars did not have any relationship. It is a mystic organization that was born somewhere in Belarus and, according to rumors, they have there some sort of Orgy happening. There’s an organization called the “Priory of Russia” is “Americans” who just split from our branch in 1980.

There is an organization that is a division of the Priory of France, but located for some reason in Russia. This is a misunderstanding, because the order priority have no right to work and to establish anything outside of their country. It is the exclusive right of the Grand Master. But apparently mistakes happen.

And the masons, which is often linked to the Templars? You are in contact with them?

Sometimes contact. I believe that the masons are descended from the order of the Temple. Another thing is that they did it, put on a commercial basis and have removed a lot of requirements, but nevertheless the basic ways that they took from us, and therefore, probably, they are now more resilient than we, and millions of them, and we are at best thousands. I have to the Freemasons prejudice there. But we are definitely not.

Are the Freemasons real power?

I can only Express my personal opinion: no power in the world they are not. And in Russia, certainly not.

And the knights Templar?

No. And I don’t think it will ever change. Though, because no such purpose.

What happened to the legendary treasure of the knights Templar? Do you believe they existed?

The treasure really was. Where are they now — is unknown, and there are lots of on this the opinions. I stick to the version, which can only be circumstantial evidence: I like to think that these treasures of Moscow was built, as I have already said.

There are other treasures — the archives of the order. These are documents that can really have an impact on European history, and indirectly — and on the modern world. Security archive is one of the tasks and the reasons for the existence of the order.

Have you seen these documents with my own eyes?

To see them is not enough, they need to read and study, which for me is problematic because they are written mostly in Latin, and I, unfortunately, know only modern languages.

And what of the Crusades? If the new master will call to go to war against ISIS? Not with swords, but with the help of Economics or propaganda. Will you go?

I would have joined the order in all that is not contrary to my morals and the laws of my country. It seems to me that ISIS is best suited to our President. If he would call us, we’ll go and how Russian officers, and the knights.

Knights dream of a crusade?

Of course not. We are citizens of our country, Orthodox patriots. How we can dream to fight in Israel? We should aim to preserve and protect our faith and the Church.

Of course, we are concerned about what is happening in the world — war, terrorism, crises, instability and so on. Most concerned about the erosion of the foundations of morality — in the world in General and in Russia in particular. These issues are very much intertwined with questions of faith. And this is something that can and should be influenced, it is now much more important archives and the Crusades.

Vladimir Shumakov