The media talked about the “victim” of Turkey for the Russian s-400

MOSCOW, 20 Jun — RIA Novosti. Turkey “sacrifices” equipping the Turkish army to the American fifth generation fighter in its decision to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, informs German TV channel N-TV.

Media noted that the U.S. Senate expressed concern over Ankara’s plans to acquire Moscow’s air defenses, has developed a bill that may block the supply of Turkey about a hundred F-35 fighter.

It is reported that the plan for each aircraft Ankara has to pay approximately $ 120 million. Thus, the decision of the American legislators can be hit hard by the most expensive program to develop a fighter in US history.

Thus, according to the TV channel, for Ankara it would be important to buy American fighter than improve the air defense means of the Russian s-400. This is because the F-35, must form the backbone of the Turkish air force in the future. And the Russian air defense, NATO fears, “will not be able to integrate into the existing Alliance system.” In addition, NATO is confident that the radar complex involved in s-400, can result in the release of American stealth technology.
The situation around-400

Relations between Ankara and Washington have deteriorated after the December 2017 Turkey and Russia signed a credit agreement on s-400.

According to the document, Ankara would buy the two batteries in SAM that will be covered by Turkish personnel. The parties also agreed on technological cooperation in development of production of s-400 to Turkey.

U.S. and NATO officials have repeatedly criticized Turkey for a deal with Moscow. So, the assistant Secretary of uess Mitchell stated that the purchase of s-400 can adversely affect the supply to Turkey of the F-35. The Turkish foreign Ministry said that Ankara would take action against Washington if delivery of fighters to block.
The Characteristics Of S-400 “Triumph”