Animal rights activists are waiting for the reaction of the Church in a blasphemous crucifixion kitten

Moscow. August 24. INTERFAX – the Chairman of the working group on stray animals Public chamber of Moscow, Elena Ivanova along with other animal rights activists calling on the Church to respond to the recent online video of a kitten crucifixion on the cross.

“We would like to hear the reaction of our clergy for such blasphemous things. Not only teenagers it is infected, but adult cats immured in basements, on a daily basis killing thousands of dogs. Every life is precious, the Bible says, “thou shalt not kill” does not say who,” said E. Ivanov on Friday to the correspondent “Interfax-Religion”.

Earlier today media reported that a group of animal rights activists sent a letter to Patriarch Kirill with a request to respond to the blasphemous event of massacre of a kitten (a relevant video was sent to dozens of animal protection organizations).

The Agency interlocutor also expressed concern about the mass destruction of utilities pigeons, which, she said, is considered a symbol of the Holy spirit. “It is clear the Kingdom of the Antichrist, zhivoderskie label the country”, – said the activist.