Volkswagen and Seat belt safety issue: fix due in the month of November

The Volkswagen Group has said that security remains a priority, following reports that the Headquarters of Arona, Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo are still being sold without a fix for the issue of seat belts has been discovered that could result in a rear passenger is unbuckled during a high-speed maneuver.

Finnish automotive magazine Tekniikan Maailma found that the left rear buckle in three models, which are based on the VW Group MQB underpinnings, may be released when the cars travelled five people. Once you have identified the problem, the VW Group has redesigned the belt lock fastening and advised customers not to use the middle seat of the involved vehicles until the fix has been applied. The company says that the solution will be launched in the month of November.

Following a report of That? suggesting that the cars are still for sale with the potentially faulty seat belts, the VW Group has shown that the models are “legally approved and safe to drive”, and that both current owners and prospective buyers of the car we recommend that you do not use the middle seats.

The statement added: “the Customers have already received a letter to inform them of the situation, so schedule an appointment with a Volkswagen/Seat service partner. The current recall solution is a temporary measure, which aims to further reduce what is already an extremely low risk of the rear left seat buckle being unintentionally unlocked during the exceptionally rare and specific driving conditions. A permanent solution is scheduled to be available in the month of November.”