Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero: first drive of the reborn electric, classic

This is the electrified version of the E-Type, in the form of a prototype, but made to be offered by Jaguar the Classic side of the restoration, of the “Reborn” versions of the famous sports car that it already sells.

The production of the versions detail differences, but we’re told that the concept experienced briefly during Monterey Car Week in the united states, offers a pretty much identical experience.

Curiously, the use of an electric motor, which shares its dimensions with the E-Type’s original six-cylinder engine and the gearbox means that it will eventually be possible to electrify the other cars that were powered by the classic ” XK ” engine.

The 40kWh battery uses the same modules as the Range Rover P400e plug-in hybrid, but it has twice as many, as well as a higher energy density. What occupies the space formerly occupied by the engine and drives a 190kW engine, which is where the E-Type’s original four-speed gearbox used for driving the rear wheels through a single speed reduction gear and differential are original.

The modular unit requires no changes to be made to the E-Type of the basic structure and the Jaguar is even offering buyers the chance to save the origin of the powertrain, in the case where they always want to return to the initial screen. This also means that the electric E-Type may continue to use the same suspension and brake components as the donor car; the total weight of the electric powertrain of less than 300kg, a little less than the mass of the original engine and gearbox.