Bugatti Divo: the full of the car in preview to reveal this evening

Bugatti has shown more of his Chiron-based Divo hypercar on social media, as well as a photo of the car under a sheet before the launch this evening. The latest shots reveal the car’s distinctive headlights, the shape and some of its proportions, before that her style is revealed at the Pebble Beach.

Some of the details of the Divo have been revealed so far, but a glimpse of the car in a sheet of silk suggests that there must be a great stability of the spoiler at the rear, as well as a dominant of the wing extending beyond the rear diffuser. It is also possible to see that the car from the window line is completely separate from that of Chiron, with an increase of the shoulder below it, extending down from the back of the glass to the front of the car. The wheel arches tensile stress in the tissue, suggesting that they are strongly extended from the main body.

New Bugatti Divo officially revealed

A video showing none of the car, but with an audio track of the car’s 8.0-litre W16 engine also has been shown in advance of the full reveal.