‘How our game went from Shoreditch to Hollywood’

UsTwo Games

A mobile phone game developed in East London has been transformed into a Hollywood movie.

Indie Puzzle game Monument Valley is destined to become the most recent crossover between movies and video games.

The first game was created by a team of eight to UsTwo Games, based in Shoreditch.

Now, 160 million downloads and a movie a long time after, his head Dan Gray said the team is excited to see where this new medium will take the story.

Dan Gray

“I don’t know where this crazy rollercoaster is going to end,” he told Newsbeat.

“To get to this point, by a group of people in Shoreditch want to do something they were proud of, it is really exciting.”The Oscar-winning team

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In the game, players help the main character, Princess Ida navigate with bright colors and ever-changing architecture to complete his mission.

Paramount Pictures will develop the film, Weed Road Pictures.

And they put on an award-winning director to make it happen.

Patrick Osborne has won an Oscar for his short animated film that tells the story of a man and of love of life through the eyes of his puppy.

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The video game movie curse

There is, however, the risk of the dreaded video game movie curse.

Over the years, film adaptations of video games have earned a reputation for being an evil, is struggling to break through in the same way comic book adaptations.

“What it comes down to is people always want the games translated, which have a solid history already,” said Dan. “So things that are acted out with the voice acting or the lines or any of that kind of stuff.

“There are constant comparison between what happens in the game and what happens in the movie, and you are inevitably going to upset some people.”

But the Bafta award Monument Valley is minimal, both in terms of plot and dialogue.

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In fact, the Princess Ida remains silent throughout.

This is a world in which “hundreds of stories” can be told, Dan has said.

“One of the reasons why we decided to give this time of the day is that it is a story that leaves much to the imagination,” he added.

“The history of Monument Valley, one and two is down to player interpretation.

“If the film is something that captures the identity of the visual effects and the feeling and the characters can go where they want.

“It’s not defined by some lines and conversations that took place in the game, we have already done.”‘Interactive entertainment can be more”

UsTwo Games

Looking back to when they started doing that in the first game the five-and-a-half years ago, Dan has told Newsbeat their goal was just to make as beautiful as possible.

He said: “We just thought, what would it be like if we did something that was so beautiful that you can hang on the wall as a piece of art?”

Their initial hope was to sell 100,000 copies – a target has long passed, collecting numerous awards along the way as well as doing a sequel.

Now, the hope is that the film will introduce a new audience to the game.

“My hope is that he returns to the game and the experience of what Monument Valley has to offer, and show that interactive entertainment can be more than what is usually portrayed in the mainstream,” said Dan.

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