The parade of Independence will demonstrate the latest system of the Ukrainian artillery

During the celebrations for Independence Day, August 24, in Kiev will demonstrate the latest developments of the Ukrainian artillery. About it reports a press-service GK Ukroboronprom, reports IA ZIK.

It is noted that the concern companies have developed a number of new systems to improve the efficiency of the actions of the Ukrainian artillery.

So, for the first time demonstrated the complex radar reconnaissance – Ukrainian counter-battery radar 1Л220УК from Zaporozhye NPK sparkle.

“This radar allows to obtain the exact coordinates to strike and adjust the fire of his artillery“, – stated in the message.

The Ukroboronprom reported that the main feature 1Л220УК is its powerful radar with digital antenna array, which allows for dozens of miles to “see“ not only shells and rockets, and mortar shells.

The group added that it allows, thanks to the digital complex processing of information to calculate the trajectory of shells and determine the location of enemy artillery.

In addition, the parade for the first time will demonstrate automated summersky complex artillery reconnaissance “Position-2“.

It is noted that the production of this complex is now being implemented in GP Lviv state plant LORTA.

The Ukroboronprom told that automated complex equipped with a highly sensitive acoustic sensors that determine the position of enemy artillery and exploding shells at a distance of a few tens of kilometers.

“Given the fact that “Position-2 “ operates in the passive mode, the enemy can not fix her work. In addition, the “Position-2“ provides information for adjustment of fire of their own artillery“, – reported the concern.

Also the group added that to handle all the information on the field of battle, which comes from the stations of the type 1Л220УК and “Position-2“, intelligence data from unmanned aerial vehicles and other sources, Lviv LORTA has developed a system of “Obolon“.

It is reported that “Obolon-A“ complex of automated control artillery battery and battalion. This complex plays the role of a “nerve center“ for the gunners.

It is noted that it is able to receive and process data about dozens of goals and automatically schedule the fire, dispensing targets for destruction.

In addition, the speed of processing huge arrays of data arriving in digital systems “Obolon“, the use of special algorithms and secure communication – can significantly increase the efficiency of the fire.

The group noted that the enterprises of the Ukroboronprom state concern has developed a range of products that allow the Ukrainian gunners to get a full picture of the battlefield for a few seconds to identify enemy positions and to apply precise coordinated attacks.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Kiev for Independence Day blossomed chestnuts.