La Roux attacks Fox for the use of bullet-proof

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La Roux has described the use of her track Bulletproof, a segment on the clothing of children on a US TV channel as “disgusting”.

Fox Business the song at the introduction to an article about the bullet-proof school backpacks and clothing.

It comes after several recent deadly shootings in US schools.

The singer told Billboard: “I have never and would never authorise my music to be used in this way.”

In a statement from Fox Business network spokesperson, said: “The song was chosen to be the production team and the selection has been addressed.”

On Monday, the broadcast in the Morning With Maria in a segment on back-to-school aisle, lined with hard ballistic plates.

In front of the Element, a clip from La Roux’s 2009 single Bulletproof was played, with the song’s hook: “This time baby I’ll be bulletproof”.

At the end of the Twitter post of @mmfa

The show focuses on what has been described as a “high-end bullet-proof backpacks and clothing, the transformation of the protective equipment market”, and on the other hand, some of the “fashion-forward” items – including a puffer jacket and a protective tank-top. The latter costs $1,500 (£1,162).

La Roux, real name Elly Jackson, said in a statement: “With Bulletproof, a song I wrote about relationships, for a piece like this is disgusting. I have never, and would never authorise my music to be used in this way.”
Shock of school-shooting-drill-lullaby
“Every school shooting, so that it never seems normal”

It follows Fe a series of recent school shootings, including a shooting in Santa, if 10 students were killed, Dimitrios Pagourtzis in may.

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