“As my daughter done well to be bald’

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TV presenter Gail Porter admits that it was his baby daughter’s reaction which helped her to accept his baldness.

Scottish personality, stunned, friends and fans two weeks ago when she revealed she would have started to wear a wig, after 14 years of hair.

Alopecia patient says that she is a poster girl for the condition, avoiding wigs and promoting the choice to be seen without hair.

Despite deciding to give the hair a go again with a natural wig, she says that her 15-year-old daughter Honey still prefers her look bald.


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Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland in the Morning with Michelle McManus, Gail said: “I had the good fortune of having a real hair wig made just for me and only thought that I’d have something to wear, I thought I would wear maybe if I go out on a date, but not all the time.

“When I wore it for the first time, it was a bit strange. I flicked my hair and it was nice to look a bit different. But it was strange that people reacted to me as if I was a different person-usually I just flick my hair and I don’t have any hair and I just look like I have a sort of brand!”

Gail wanted to show the women like her which is good to be bald, but a wig is an option. And sought his gaze on the daughter of Honey, 15.”The half of my hair came out’

He said: “When I got the wig it was like, ‘Yes, I like that”, but when I took it to told me that he liked that better. She is grown and has never known me with hair. When I take it off, she says “Yes, there is my mom.”

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Gail hair fell suddenly at the height of her TV presenting career in 2005.

He described the moment her alopecia manifests itself, saying: “My hair started to fall when the Honey was about a year and a half. I have searched and read that a lot of women who have just had a baby may lose patches of hair.

“Shortly after, I worked in America and I took a shower and the water was around my feet and it was all full of hair. I looked in the mirror and, literally, half of my hair was just out for no reason.

“I was out of my mind to think,” How can I go to the cinema and watch the same as I looked yesterday?’ The director was wonderful and told me to just put on a hat.

“All of this has had only three or four weeks.

“I went to America, left my daughter with my ex-husband and came back completely bald.”

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Gail was worried about her daughter’s reaction.

“That was the only thing that worried me – as my daughter was going to do with the mother to go home with the hair.

“I went away with long blond hair and came home with nothing. So I had to call my ex-husband and tell him.

“But when I got there she was so small and she looked at me and said, “rock and roll” and that was it.

“So I just did not care what anyone else thought. And then, for her, is normal and I think that without his positivity, I don’t know where I would be.

“I just thought that there are so many worse things in the world. I lost my hair, but my daughter loves me, end of story.”

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Gail tells her that she is always described as “brave”, but says no such thing. He tells her to be brave and are doing something extraordinary and that she is just not wearing the hair.

His alopecia has come at a time when his mother was battling cancer.

Sandra Porter at the end has died of breast cancer in 2009.

Gail said Michelle McManus: “When it happened to me, my mother had cancer and lost their hair and put things in perspective.

“He was not even a thing to worry about. I don’t care what I looked like.

“I just think that there are so many people out there go through the loss of hair, horrible reasons.

“Then, if people are losing their hair for these reasons, I would like to be the person who will come and say: ‘If you can do, I can do it’.”