The huntsman began his speech at a reception in honor of U.S. independence Day in Russian

MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman addressed the guests of the reception on the occasion of independence Day, which takes place in his residence in Moscow, in the Russian language, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

“For me, American is very important to celebrate this holiday. I am very happy in Moscow to meet good friends. Welcome to our home, Spaso house, thank you very much”,- said the head of the diplomatic mission in the Russian language during the ceremony of the removal of the flag and national anthems of the USA and Russia.

He then switched to English and again stressed the importance of independence Day for every American.

The theme of the reception this year was new York. Lawn in the courtyard of Spaso house, the mansion was decorated with American flags and balloons in the colors of the national flag and the path between them named Broadway, the walls of the makeshift pavilion is decorated with posters with views of new York city and movie stars who are associated with the “big Apple” (one of the most famous nicknames of new York), for example Holly Golightly, performed by Audrey Hepburn (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”). Guests can take photos with the image of the famous statue of liberty. From the speakers sounds of jazz and funk, and guests as treats offer burgers, pizza, smoothies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as cakes in the form of the famous yellow taxis of new York.

It is noteworthy that this year the reception was attended by several representatives of the foreign Ministry, in particular the Director of the Department of North America, Georgy Borisenko, Deputy head of the Department of information and press of Anastasia Fedorova. Also among the guests were former Russian presidential aide for military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin, who is now tipped to senators.

By tradition, the guests at the reception were heads of almost all the embassies located in Moscow, including the British Ambassador, Laurie Bristow, Germany rüdiger von Fritsch Spain Ignacio Ibanez, Israel, Gary Koren, Afghanistan Abdul Kayum Kochi and others.