A COP shot a crook, who promised to “save” his son

In Kiev, in a Forest in the street of Marshal Zhukov, 25/27, on Saturday, August 18, at about 12:30 police fired into the extortioner of money. The wounded attacker was taken from the lawn doctors.

It is reported by the Informant.

As told by the shooter, he — senior Lieutenant of police and had a traumatic gun.

“First, I got a call from an unknown number and said that my son got in trouble and started to demand $ 5,000. However, I immediately realized that it was a divorce, because I have no son. After some time to my apartment door and rang a suspicious man. I immediately prepared to attack and got his gun,“ says COP.

Seeing the COP, the attacker initially wanted to negotiate, even offering money.

“I asked a neighbor to call police, the intruder heard this and fidgeted, and then jumped on me,“ constable said.

In response law enforcement took six shots and wounded a swindler. He ran outside, but the escape failed. From the received wounds the man collapsed on the lawn, from where they were taken away by ambulance. Work at the site investigators. Militiamen find out the details of what happened, the shooter and interviewing witnesses.

As reported August 17, in Lviv, in the apprehension of graffiti fans with a knife wounded a police officer.