Motorola phone ‘cheeky copy” the iPhone X

Smartphone brand, Motorola has been criticized for revealing a “shameless” copy of the iPhone X as its new model.

Many phone makers have copied the look of iPhone X, which has a small frame around the screen and a “notch” at the top, which houses a camera.

However, reviewers said that the new Motorola P30 was a “blatant” and “egregious” rip-off of Apple’s flagship device.

Lenovo, which owns the brand, Motorola has not yet responded to the criticism.

Motorola has been a pioneer in the mobile industry, but its sales have fallen in the smartphone era and its handset division was sold to Google in 2012.

The division was sold to Chinese computer firm Lenovo in 2014, where he continued to produce smartphones with the Android operating system.

Commenting on the similarity between the Motorola P30 and the iPhone X, technology blogger Marques Brownless called “the most shameless rip security”.

News site Mashable said Motorola “is very to embellish the screen with a background that is a dead ringer for Apple’s default wallpaper”.
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Hands on with the new iPhone X

News and reviews site Technobuffalo said that the design was a “dear clone” that was “almost impossible to distinguish” from the iPhone X.

Tech news site The Verge pointed out that Google image recognition algorithms described photos of the P30 as “iPhone”.

The end of the Twitter post by @androidcentral

“The growing number of identikit smartphones designs is a depressing trend and it is no wonder consumer apathy is on the rise and the replacement rates are slowing,” said analyst Ben Wood from the CCS Insight consultancy.

“One begins to wonder if Jony Ive of design team of Apple has become the de facto owner for the project of reference for all high-end smartphones.

“Phone manufacturers need to innovate and find ways to differentiate if you want to keep the desire of consumers to upgrade their phones,” he told the BBC.

On Thursday, Lenovo recorded an operating profit for the first quarter, after the loss of the previous year.

Bloomberg attributed the increase in sales, but also cost-cutting measures in its mobile division.

Lenovo plans to sell the Motorola P30 in China, but has not announced its availability in other countries. The device is expected to cost around $350 (£275) – less than half the price of Apple’s flagship device.