White house: trump’s “very disappointed” by Turkey

WASHINGTON – there are No signs indicating that the process of deteriorating relations between the US and Turkey terminated, despite the fact that Turkey is a US ally in NATO, is host to a strategically important base of the U.S. air force in Incirlik and is the gateway to the Black sea for the US Navy.

The President of the United States Donald trump is “very disappointed” the fact that Turkey still has custody of an American pastor, other American citizens and employees of diplomatic institutions, said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sources in the administration reported the active discussion of new sanctions against Turkey.

However, at a briefing on Tuesday, Sanders declined to say how the US government intends to step up pressure on Ankara, which has repeatedly ignored calls trump and the other to release a Christian pastor Andrew Brunson.

Turkey accuses Branson of espionage and keeps him under house arrest until the trial.

The tension promises to increase even more, because on Wednesday a Turkish court has rejected the appeal of American pastor.

Turkey also doubled the duties on some products imported from the United States, including cars, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

The national security adviser John Bolton on Monday met at the White house with the Turkish Ambassador to Washington Serdar Kilic a, but their discussion is reported to have led to substantial progress.

Trump, who called the arrest of Branson “a complete disgrace”, on Friday, doubled the export duty on Turkish steel and aluminium, to increase the pressure on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Disagreements with the United States brought together by Turkey with Russia – a key opponent of NATO, which at the same time, exports to Turkey more than half of the necessary gas.

Turkey has agreed to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400. This unprecedented move of a member country of NATO has drawn objections from members of both parties in Congress and the administration trump.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov expressed support of Turkey at a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart in Ankara on Tuesday, saying that the two countries intend to move from the dollar to the national currencies in bilateral trade.

“We look at it (the policy of sanctions – ed.) as illegitimate, illegal policy, dictated largely by a desire to dominate everywhere and in everything, “call the shots” in world Affairs without the consent of anyone else, Lavrov said. – This policy cannot be the basis for a normal dialogue. It seems to me that it can’t continue.”

In the presence of Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu Lavrov also said: “We are at a turning point, without exaggeration, world history, this transition from bipolar and unipolar models and diagrams to build a polycentric world order”.