Twitter Alex Jones breaks for a week


Twitter is blocked, the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of the booking on the platform for a week.

The InfoWars broadcaster is the past of tweets, however, remain visible to others, while his account is locked, in a “read only”mode.

The social network has not confirmed what the action will be prompted.

But the New York Times reported Mr Jones had rifles with Twitter, a link to a video in which he called his followers to be ready, your “battle”.

The BBC understands that Twitter assessed this is a violation of their rules against abusive behaviour.

Mr Jones has previously criticized many times, since it claims to repeat that the 9/11 attacks in New York were staged by the US government.

He has also claimed that many of the children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre actor. The parents of two children shot dead in the attack sued him for libel, to say that he had made “false, cruel, and dangerous statements”.


Apple iTunes, Facebook, and YouTube removed, podcasts and other content, the Mr Jones and InfoWars of your services last week.

Other tech companies, meanwhile, have similar measures, including:
the video site Vimeo
the social networks, LinkedIn and Pinterest
the photo site Flickr
the audio-streaming services Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn
the online marketing tool MailChimp

But Twitter had resisted imposing a similar ban.

It is Mr Jones’ account said had, not in breach of its rules, even though CNN later appeared highlighted in past tweets, which contradict this.

The social network has, however, promise to take action if there are any fresh attacks.

Techcrunch has reported that, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the suspension, Mr. Jones still be able to use his account to view and search other people’s content, but he will not be able to tweet, like, comment, or retweet the material.

Also, it was said, he was needed to the delete link to its previous periscope video session, which is no longer online.

Among the last messages written to Mr Jones, before the ban came into force, had been forced was a claim, the InfoWars’ website, offline by a cyber attack.

Even though he now faces many of the limitations of his online activities, there are several outlets that have not blocked its content.

They belong to the social network Google+, GAB, and Tumblr. In addition, the Play store of Google and iOS of Apple, the host of the InfoWars app is still.