The US military budget–2019: the containment of Russia in the Arctic and Europe

Signed at the weekend by US President Donald trump the defense budget in 2019 could cause problems for Russia, which tries to restore its military influence in various regions of the world. He also shows that the published in Moscow, plans and concepts are in Washington are serious and are ready to answer them.

Michael carpenter (Michael Carpenter), senior expert of the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center and former assistant Deputy Minister of defense, notes that the new defence financial plan really is referring to the containment of Moscow, along with Beijing: “overall, the new defense budget is more aimed at confrontation with Russia and China, rather than in opposition to terrorism and militant groups. But this is a gradual change, there is nothing sudden or dramatic. However, it is worth mentioning, for example, investments in the construction of 6 new icebreakers, which clearly implies a greater ability to compete with Russia in the Arctic, or investments in the F-35 and long-range bombers that will add capacity to counter the aggression of Russia or China”.

The expert believes that one of the key steps in the new defense budget is a ban on spending to implement the Treaty on open skies: “as for the Treaty on open skies – the budget contains a provision stating that the Pentagon will not update its fleet of aircraft involved in the observation flights under the Treaty, until then, until the conclusion is made that Russia more does not violate this document is what the state Department has said in previous years. I see this as a small but important detail, and I see the General thrust of this decision of the legislators: the U.S. does not participate in action on this agreement until then, until you come to the conclusion that Russia fulfills its obligations.”