‘Horrible scene’ boy supposedly stabs his mother

The teenager, who does not live with his mother, was charged this morning.

Neighbors told reporters they heard the police shout “put the knife” when they came to a Thackeray St direction in the neighborhood of Park Avenue around 10 p.m. yesterday.

Queensland police found the boy holding a kitchen style knife, and asked him to surrender, which he immediately did, the Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow said.

Officers then found his mother on the ground floor with serious head and chest injuries, and started first aid until the paramedics arrived.

He said that the police found the woman suffering from 10 stab wounds.

Ambulance staff rushed to the woman to Rockhampton Base Hospital.

Insp Shadlow said a neighbour called triple-0 after the observation of an alleged incident of domestic violence.

“It seems that the incident occurred on the floor above in the housing and that has made its way into the ground floor,” Insp Shadlow said.

“It was a horrible scene to assist the police, there was a large amount of blood loss of the victim and the police did a good job in the application of first aid,” he said, adding that it was “barely conscious” when they arrived.

Insp Shadlow said the teenager had allegedly attacked and stabbed her mother several times to his upper torso, front and back, as well as head injuries.

The child was also taken to a hospital, to undergo surgery for his hand so that the police allegedly could be as a result of the blade.

The mother and the son are both known to the police, Inspt Shadlow said that it was forming part of the investigation “into what led to the incident.”

“The boy of the face of the court when he is able,” he said.

Insp Shadlow said the teenager would be brought to the house on the face of the court after being discharged from the hospital.