China accused the U.S. of invading its waters in the South China sea

BEIJING, may 27 — RIA Novosti. Ships of the U.S. Navy illegally intruded into its territorial waters in the South China sea, which is unceremonious violation of China’s sovereignty and international law, the statement of the official representative of the Ministry of defense of the PRC y Qian.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the USS Higgins destroyer and cruiser with guided missile armament of the USS Antietam took place on Sunday 12 nautical miles from the Paracel Islands (Xisha — kit.) in the South China sea.

“Ships of the U.S. Navy on may 27 without permission of the Chinese government, illegally entered the waters of the Xisha Islands. China’s armed forces sent aircraft ship-based, which is in accordance with the law made the recognition of “friend or foe” against American ships and made them a warning to leave the area,” — said in a published statement.

The representative of the defense Ministry, called the regular manoeuvres of the American ships provocation, “a violation of the laws of the PRC and the relevant international standards, serious unceremonious violation of the territorial sovereignty of China, which undermines strategic trust between the armed forces of the two countries and peace and stability in the relevant Maritime zone”.

The Chinese side in this regard, expressed strong protest.