In Kiev Nivki from the balcony fell naked man

In Kiev Nivki about 6 in the morning on the street Igor Turchin, 15, fell from the balcony of the naked man.

According to the Informant, presumably a man fell from the balcony of the fourth floor.

According to the patrol, the injured guy claims that he’s 18, but he looks much older.

Arrived at the doctors, found on the walk under the porch naked young man. He was in a poor state of repair and completely without clothes. The victim was given first aid on the spot and was admitted to the hospital. Previously, the guy has a broken arm and a suggestion for a spinal injury.

Details of incident are found out by militiamen.

Recall June 24 in Odessa from the fourth floor fell young and famous singer Jaroslav Globin. At the moment he is in intensive care in serious condition.