Aliyev: If I was called in real life, I’d say no

“Mickle was at the world Championships in 85-th year, when I won the bronze boot. I think I was called to Holland and Portugal… I think or Feyenoord, or PSV, and in Portugal like Benfica wanted me to do.

I never wanted to go to Europe, never! I wanted to play or Dynamo Kiev, or to go to Russia to play. In Russia, I must admit, I have always been a favorite club – Spartak Moscow.

If I was invited to real Madrid, I might even would say “no.” Those who leave, our Russian – speaking, are there not flirting,” – said Oleksandr Aliyev in an interview with the project Etusivu.

Earlier Oleksandr Aliyev admitted that Artem Milevskiy never appeared at training drunk.

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