Fahrion rebuked Croats in contempt of the Ukrainian past

MOSCOW, 22 Jul — RIA Novosti. Ex-MP from the faction of “Svoboda” nationalist Irina Farion rebuked Croats that they have shown little respect for Ukrainians and forget about the historical past.

As stated by former MP during an interview on Ukrainian TV channel five, the country is experiencing not the best times. In her opinion, it is connected not only with the problems inside the country, but the situation on the world stage.

“The most terrible and dismissive attitude towards us around the world,” — said Farion. She pointed out that the international community refers to Kiev without respect.

If the world we were respected, it didn’t kick the player for the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”. Even the Croats sent us,” said the former MP.

We are talking about the incident, which occurred after the victory of Croatian national team over the Russians in the match of the quarterfinals of the world Cup. In the Internet appeared the video, which player of the team of Croatian domagoj Vida shouted “Glory to Ukraine” and a member of the national delegation Ognjen Vukojevic has dedicated the victory of “Dynamo” Ukraine.” In the past, both athletes played for Kiev football club.

After the incident Vukojevic was suspended against Croatia before the end of the world Cup and fined 15 thousand francs. Kind of got off with a warning from FIFA.
The name is also we

During the interview fahrion reminded the Croats that they migrated to the Balkans “with Western Ukraine in the fourth-sixth century.” The former MP expressed the opinion that even the name of the country Croats owe to the Ukrainians.

“I will soon be publishing a collection of articles by his supervisor in which he says, whence the ethnonym “Croat” is from our Horeb” she said. (Linguists are of the opinion that the name of the country dates back to the ancient Iranian word meaning “cattle guard”. — Approx. ed.)
Philology of the word “Fi”

Farion also said that, in her opinion, stands for the toponym “Moscow”. In this case, Moba has nothing to do with it.

“Moska-ava” literally means “gnilostna” — said the nationalist, not specifying what language it is done “borrowing”.

At the same time in the history of Moscow Ukraine also played an important role, I’m sure fahrion.

“Initially it was the village Kuchkin, while our princes did not come and civilize them,” she said. The ex-Deputy was not informed of any Chronicles she learned this “fact”.
“Wild rage”

Farion also criticized the Ukrainian capital because there are more prevalent pacifist sentiment than, for example, in Lviv.

“You know what I noticed in Kiev? It was not in Lviv, and you asked him what’s the difference. On the Billboard says: “Ukraine needs peace”, I’m brought to a state of wild rage,” she said.

According to the former parliamentarian, Ukraine needs not the world, but “victory”.

“And I remembered the words of the successor of Stepan Bandera, Yaroslav Stetsko: “the world is our goal, and freedom and victory of our nation,” she concluded.

Farion is known for its provocative and nationalist statements. Earlier it was called Russian-speaking Ukrainians as “traitors”.