A portrait of Putin “the all-seeing V.” artist Datuna was sold for 400 thousand euros

MOSCOW, 16 Jul — RIA Novosti. The portrait of the President of the Russian Federation “all-seeing V.” the works of David Datuna sold to a Russian businessman, whose name was not disclosed, for 400 thousand Euro on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Donald trump in Helsinki, the press service of the artist.

This is a portrait of “Seeing Vladimir” painted by American artist David Datuna. A Russian businessman bought it for 400 thousand euros in the eve of the summit Putin and trump in Helsinki.Previous portrait work, Datuna called “Putin Mona Lisa” was sold for 240 thousand dollars in 2011. pic.twitter.com/TH3kdQtBSz
— Kremlin RIA Poole (@Kremlinpool_RIA) 16 Jul 2018

“I haven’t been in Russia for 20 years. Everything is very changed. And it’s not just stadiums, parks, streets, it’s the people. In St. Petersburg during SPIEF I ordered a portrait of Vladimir Putin, as I see it now. During this visit I saw him thus — “all-seeing”. His presence was felt almost everywhere. This feeling I tried to Express in their work”, — quotes the words of Datuna’s press service.

The artist said that his painting is also dedicated to the meeting between Putin and trump in Helsinki. “I suggest the two presidents to look better than each other in the eye and I hope it is really something that can change the world for the better,” said the artist.

Earlier this year, Datong also appealed to Donald Trump with a proposal to create an installation on the prospects of the peaceful settlement of the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

American artist of Georgian origin David Datong is one of the best selling artists in the world. His authorship belong such well-known installations as the portrait of Vladimir Putin “Putin — Mona Lisa”, “Steve jobs”, “Vodianova-Love of millions”.