A by-election in Ohio, the Republican leader, but to bring the final results too early

The final results of the additional elections to the House of representatives in Ohio, which attracted much attention, has not been announced yet, since the major candidates showed very similar results.

Republicans and Democrats assess these elections and the results of the primaries in other States, trying to predict the results of the upcoming November mid-term Congressional elections.

According to the results received from all polling stations, Republican Troy, Balderson bypassed Democrat Danny O’connor about 1700 votes.

The Secretary of state of Ohio has announced that it has received more than 5 thousand absentee ballots. However, in accordance with the laws of the state, the counting of votes may begin no earlier than 11 days after the election on Tuesday.

The winner will take the place vacated by Republican Pat Tiberius, announced his resignation in October 2017. However, the winner will once again participate in the elections in November, which means voters will have to choose between Balderson and O’connor in three months.

President Donald trump used Twitter to take credit for the “big win” Balderson.

“After my performance on Saturday evening there was a big turn for the better, – said trump. Now Troy wins a remarkable victory in a very difficult voting season. He will win a great victory in November”.