Lost houses after the mortgage computer error

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A failure in a bank of the united states of computer software led to the 625 customers who do not receive loans from the government of the assistance to which they were entitled and more than 400 of which were going to lose their homes.

The government scheme was designed to help people struggling to pay their mortgages.

Wells Fargo, told CNN Money it was not “clear, direct cause and effect relationship” between the mistake and the loss of homes.

However, the compensation that is offered.

The bank has allocated $8m (£6m) to compensate those affected by the software error, which existed between April 2010 and October 2015.

Wells Fargo disclosed the information in its most recent quarterly financial report and said that there were continuing efforts to identify other customers that might have also been affected.

The bank is the third largest in the united states.

In April 2018, was fined $1bn by two us regulators to resolve investigations in car insurance and mortgage loans of the infringement.

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