Sponsored by: The Skoda Octavia – What are Jack and Alice up to?

An active, diverse lifestyle calls for a car that lives up to the challenge. Jack and Alice. You don’t waste a second: if Alice works as a veterinarian, and if Jack from his architect Desk, you can spend your time in the most of the world around you. From running to paddle boarding, the concept of the Chill-out seems to be not occurred.

If you squeeze so much out of life as you can, you need a car that does not get in the way. Therefore, the Skoda Octavia is perfect for Jack and Alice. From your keyless-entry-system with its 610 liters of boot volume, if you load the built-in roof rack that holds a 2017 Octavia move your dogs in the trunk of the car or strapping to a paddle-board your weekend.

The whole Octavia range is just as diverse. The Octavia vRS, for example, has a ” turbo-charged petrol engine, the development of more than 230 HP. By contrast, the go-anywhere Octavia Scout comes with all the Goodies that you would expect from an Octavia, plus increased under-floor protection, as well as a full-fledged off-road mode, including four-wheel drive and a descent to make mode, on steep slopes easier.