Senator Rand Paul goes to Russia

Republican Senator Rand Paul plans on Monday to begin a trip to Russia with the aim to “support the efforts of President Donald trump to establish interaction with other countries around the world,” reported the Washington Post, citing anonymous representative of the Senator.

In Moscow on the visit Floor on Thursday said Deputy Konstantin Kosachev. In addition to meeting with Russian lawmakers are scheduled to meet the Floor with the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov.

Last month Paul said about the trip to Russia on the portal Politico Magazine, insisting that the United States should try to establish a productive dialogue with the Kremlin.

“Just a few weeks I will travel to Russia in an attempt to discuss common ground with its leaders and to help prevent further unnecessary escalation of tension,” wrote then Paul, without specifying date of travel.

“I look forward to the opportunity to consult with President trump between him and my visits and the opportunity to work with diplomats from both countries to organize a successful trip and to improve relations – continued Floor. – At stake can be millions of lives.”

Floors representing in the Senate of Kentucky, in recent weeks, actively protects the position of the trump against Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin, thereby sharply standing out against the rest of the members of Congress who criticized the President for the overly soft approach to Russia.

Last month Paul has called the critics of the President “crazy” and “insane” because they believe the wrong decision by trump to meet one-on-one with Putin.

During a joint press conference with the Russian leader gave the impression that trump is willing to believe the Russian leader, denies Moscow’s intervention in the election.

According to Paul, people who criticize the efforts of trump against Russia – and among them are the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain – just “hate the President”.

Paul also rejected the proposal of Senator Bernie Sanders to support the conclusions of the intelligence community of the Russian intervention in the elections, describing the resolution as a sign that “the syndrome of obsession with trump officially reached the Senate,” and insult diplomacy.

“Not necessarily regard Russia as a friend – wrote Paul in his article of 16 July. But we definitely have common interests – Syria, Islamic terrorism, energy, – for which we need an open dialogue and relations”.

Representative Senator did not specify how long he plans to stay in the country.

Just a few weeks ago, eight Republican senators traveled to Moscow to meet with representatives of the Russian Parliament and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In the U.S. these congressmen criticized for the fact that they went on this trip, which fell on the U.S. independence Day (July 4). The senators also insist that the meetings with Russian colleagues they were in hard key, especially in relation to intervention in elections.

According to the Washington Post, none of the members of Congress to go with the Floor plans.