Apps are the ‘least preferred’ date

Dating apps are the least preferred method of dealing with new acquaintances, despite around half of 16 to 34-year-old with you, Radio 1 Newsbeat poll shows.

Almost a third of those who use apps like tinder, Chappy and cheat to do, too shy because you “”, to approach people, to meet you in person.

It also shows that almost half of those you do use, so for the first time, before they are 21.

And almost a third expect to have a “fling or casual relationship” apps.

More than a quarter of the 2,066 people surveyed, the with dating apps have become a long-term relationship or a marriage.

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Relationship psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree believes more people use dating apps because they want an immediate correction.

“If we agree that it is almost like a small dopamine hit, it lights up the pleasure sensor in our brain, so that it can be quite addictive,” she explains.

But she says it can also open to feelings of depression, how the people are, themselves, more rejection.

What has propose the survey?
45% have a dating app at some point
37% say that dating apps are their least preferred method to meet with a new partner
17% met their current partner on a dating app – the second most common method
18% met their current partner through friends, family or on a blind date
45% used a dating app before they were 21

From a YouGov poll of 2,066 16-34-year-olds, commissioned by BBC Radio 1 news beat during 3 – 10 April 2018.

Twenty-six-year-old Jordan is wrong with Madeleine: “Dating apps are the start of a lot of problems with my mental health with self – doubt and fear,” he tells Newsbeat.

“I’ve had nights where I found it difficult to meet people, so I already have an app although I’m already on the dance floor.

“It seems that you are platforms, where people think they can say things you would not say that to your face.

“You’re already judged for the person you are treating on the screen, not for the person you are, and that’s very difficult for me.”

People speak of apps is “a way to connect with people who do not meet you may not be able to otherwise,” Sam Dumas of Chappy explains.

“We have seen a trend of physical spaces of bars and clubs close, you have less and less over the years.”

News was shown to beat, as half of British Nightclubs have to close their doors in just 10 years.

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