The crowd lynched a resident of India due to fake WhatsApp messages

MOSCOW, 23 Jul — RIA Novosti. The crowd in India killed a woman for redistributable messenger WhatsApp fake messages, writes Sky News.

The victim’s body was discovered Sunday in woods in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The identity of the woman is not yet established. The locals beat her to death for spreading in WhatsApp rumors that in the region there are criminals engaged in kidnapping children.

Police have arrested nine persons, wanted in several suspects of involvement in the murder.

Such incidents related to the dissemination of false information to WhatsApp, have killed more than 20 people in India in the last two months, said Sky News. The citizens began to come about reports of alleged child abductions, murders and rapes.

In early July the Indian government demanded that the owners of the messenger to take immediate steps to stop the spread of fake news. After that, WhatsApp was limited to forwarding messages.