Guterres said, what should be a fair globalization

BEIJING, April 10 – RIA Novosti. The international community should strive for a more equitable globalization, but it should not be carried out with isolation and protectionism, said UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres.

“I am deeply convinced that globalization is irreversible. She brought many benefits to the economies and expansion of trade. Hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty. Many more people live longer and more prosperous life,” said Guterres, speaking at the Asian economic forum in Boao.

The head of the world organization stressed that it is necessary to recognize that a huge number of people left behind in this process and it is therefore necessary to strive for a more equitable globalization.

“Therefore, we should aim for a fair globalization, from which no one falls behind, which will be the path to a peaceful and sustainable development for people, communities and countries. One must define clearly: we will not make globalization a more equitable through isolation, protectionism or exclusivity,” said UN Secretary-General.

Asian forum in Boao on the Chinese island of Hainan has been held since 2001. This year the conference entitled “Open innovation and Asia for greater prosperity in the world” formally takes place 8-11 April. Tasks of the forum, which is called the “Asian Davos”, is the development of coordination and cooperation between the countries of Asia, intensification of dialogue and economic ties with other regions of the world, creating a platform for dialogue on economic, social and other issues between officials, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars.