Google bans crypto-mining in the Play Store

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Google has followed Apple’s guidance and the prohibition of crypto-mining app from the Play Store.

An update to the company’s developer policy reads: “we do not accept apps that my crypto-currency on the devices.”

The company had previously banned the crypto-currency mining extensions on your Chrome browser.

The move marks a step forward on the part of banks and technology companies struggling with the practices of crypto-currencies.

The prohibition does not extend to the data mining software with virtual money. Google, like Apple, said it would allow you to build applications that help manage the data mining being done elsewhere, like the cloud of computer platforms.

Mining for virtual currencies has become profitable in recent years, thanks to the rapid increase in valuations of old and new coins. The process of data mining often requires huge amounts of processing power, if it must be done in a hurry.

Mining is intrinsic to the functioning of most of the crypto-currency systems, because it is the way in which the distributed computer systems to keep track of who has spent or transferred that money. Generally the ones that the maintenance of this log of transactions to get regularly rewarded with new coins.

Some groups have been building vast crypto-currency “mining”, stacking hundreds of computers under a single roof to create digital currencies as quickly as possible.

When the activity is done “on the device” there is the risk that the smartphone heats up as a result of an intense treatment. Data mining can also quickly deplete the batteries.

Some of the malware gangs have also moved to adopt crypto-currency mining. Many poorly-secured web sites that have had mining code placed on them to use the computer of the visitor, to generate money.

Crypto-currency mining restrictions are one of several changes Google has made to its developer policies.

It also has limited applications that deal with the sale of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

Google has also warned that it would begin to remove the app that allows you to copy the other programs in the Play Store and add nothing new or unique.