Chinese shipping firm hit by ransomware


Chinese shipping company Cosco, is taken from the Windows ransomware.

The infection has deleted some of the electronic communications in the different North america locations.

In a statement, said that a “local network sharing” that had hit the American region. He said that he had insulated the home is investigated.

China Ocean Shipping and China the largest carrier of container goods and the fourth largest of these maritime operators around the world.’Operating normally’

Cosco US plus website, email, and many phone lines were reported to be unusable by the epidemic.

Instead of using his communication system. the infection forced Cosco staff to use Twitter and free Yahoo email address to handle queries.

It is not clear which variant of Windows malware has hit the company. It is said that the local media in Long Beach that the problems in the company, including its customer service center, was caused by ransomware.

On his Facebook page, Cosco has given a few details of the infection.

He added: “so far, all the ships of our company are operating normally, and our main activity is the operation of the systems are stable.”

It is said that, despite the problems he was still doing business in America and should make a full and quick recovery.”

Last year, the shipping giant Maersk suffered a series of problems when it is infected by Wannacry ransomware. Cleaning required the company to close its services at the Port of Los Angeles for three days.