Singer Demi Lovato ‘overdose”

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Pop singer Demi Lovato is a report in a Los Angeles hospital after a suspected heroin overdose, and the US media.

The Los Angeles police responded, allegedly, on Tuesday to a medical emergency in the Hollywood Hills, where Lovato is alive.

TMZ, which broke the story, reports she was treated at the scene with naloxone, an anti-overdose medication. Her condition is currently unknown.

The 25-year-old singer has been abusing drugs for years.
Demi Lovato ‘not sober’
Demi Lovato fans sing ‘good’ message

In a single published, in the last month, Sober, she sings: “Mama, I’m so sorry I’m sober. And dad, please forgive me for the drinks to spill on the ground.”

‘Heroin antidote saved my life”
To wear the American opioid antidote pushed

The song ends with the lines: “I’m sorry again that I’m here, I promise I’ll get help, It was my intention, I’m sorry, to myself.”

The track release, followed by Lovato marking the six years of sobriety in March of this year.

Their fans say that the singer struggles with mental illness and addiction – often documented in your music have helped you with your own struggles.