Trump reiterated that his campaign illegally watched

The US President Donald trump on Sunday wrote on Twitter that he had raised more suspicions that his campaign in 2016 has conducted illegal surveillance.

Trump posted a tweet after allegations that the documents concerning the former adviser of his campaign staff Carter page, almost confirmed that the Ministry of justice and the FBI introduced the courts into error.

On Saturday, the FBI has released documents related to the monitoring page in the investigation of possible collusion with the Russian government to undermine the election.

Paige denies that he was an agent of the Russian government, and he has not been charged with.

In their tweets trump also criticized the losing candidate of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton and the national Democratic party (NCDP).

“The situation is becoming more and more like that during the campaign, “trump for President” illegally spied on (watched) for political gain is dishonest Hillary Clinton and NCDP, – he wrote. Republicans need to show hardness. Illegal Scam!”

Commenting on the documents relating to the Carter page, he said: “As usual, they absurdly much ottsenzurovan, but still almost certainly confirm that the Ministry of justice and the FBI introduced the courts into error. Trumped-up witch hunt and a Scam!”

Documents on the 412 pages that truly contain large bills include a request to conduct observations submitted to the court on secret surveillance for the purposes of foreign intelligence, and the orders concerning investigation activities page.

“The FBI believes that Paige has collaborated and colluded with the Russian government”, – stated in the application to conduct the surveillance, filed in October 2016. Published documents include requests and updated orders, dated 2017, when trump took office.

In the published document States that “the FBI believes that the efforts of the Russian government koordiniruyutsya with the page and possibly other people associated” with the campaign trump. They have also stated that Paige “has established relations with representatives of the Russian government, including employees of the Russian intelligence.”

Republican legislators believe that the FBI made serious mistakes, trying to get a warrant to monitor the page in October 2016, shortly after he left the headquarters of the trump.

Last week a Federal Grand jury has charged 12 members of the Russian intelligence in the hacker attacks on computer networks of the Democrats in 2016. This is the most detailed at the moment, the accusation regarding the intervention of Moscow in the presidential elections to help Trump.

Earlier this year, 13 other Russians and three Russian company was charged with conspiracy to commit interference in elections.