Ukrainian General told about the deplorable situation with the air defense

MOSCOW, 14 Jul — RIA Novosti. In Ukraine there is a deplorable situation with the air defense, since most of the missiles, SAM system produced in Russia, and the rest are decommissioned. Wrote about this in his blog on the portal “Obozrevatel” the General-the Lieutenant of a stock of VSU Dmitry Umanets.

According to the General, the Ukrainian air defense has a certain potential, which, first and foremost, is the presence of anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk-M1”.

At the same time, he said, all production of SAM and scientific base remained in Russia, and the Kiev authorities are not in a hurry to repair the available facilities.

In addition, he added, there are problems with gunpowder and missiles. In particular, missiles for s-300 are produced in Russia, and missiles to s-125 taken out of service even in the Ukraine. Do not exist in the country and the ammo for the s-200.

“As for the missile that we use the old Park, left on bases, warehouses. You know that some of the missiles flew into the air more than once thanks to the “highest degree” of the state leadership and the leadership of the Armed forces. God forbid that more is not repeated,” said Umanets.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko encouraged to develop missiles that could reach Moscow and St. Petersburg. In particular, it is suggested to complete the development of missiles “Harpoon” and “Thunder-2” to range up to several thousand kilometers.The General acknowledged that Kiev will have problems with the implementation of such programs due to international restrictions. In particular, the maximum range of the missiles “ground-ground” is 300 kilometers.