Putin promised to think on beer sales in stadiums

Kaliningrad. July 20. INTERFAX – Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to the request of the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov promised to consider the possibility to allow the sale of beer in stadiums.

“Well, if the Muslims asked for beer the liberal approach, let’s see,” the President said at the joint meeting of the sports Council and of the Supervisory Board of the organizing Committee Russia-2018.

Speaking at the meeting, the Tatarstan President said that during the matches held in Kazan, was sold beer by 89 million rubles, and “no excesses, there were no problems”.

In this regard, Rustam Minnikhanov asked the President to look at this issue. “After all, men love beer. Of course, I’m ashamed to say, a Muslim, about the beer, but I care about our brothers – Orthodox,” said the head of the region, responding to a joke of a President that, apparently, in the Muslim Tatarstan particularly like beer.