Colt incest family matriarch ‘chucked in Silverwater prison’

The court also heard that the oldest of three Colt family matriarch was even accused, in prison, and to take care of the inbred-children escape, to go back to the clan because the police broke it.

The Colt family, of which eight were arrested because they had in April about sex with children, incest and other charges, “a history of coercive tactics, to avoid detection,” a DPP Prosecutor told Central local court.

“The children and young adults with cognitive or physical disabilities related to their genetics, makes them extremely vulnerable to forced to go back to the family, the” Mardi Cartwright told the court on Tuesday.

You said that the Colt, adults went to great lengths to get their inbred children of the task, to have the evidence to authorities, and “a number of children, are in hiding” of state care.

Ms Cartwright was arrested for addressing a bail hearing by Rhonda Colt, one of the three matriarchy, and eight Colt-family-members, in the tri-state-raids in April.

Ms Colt, who looked drawn and tired, sitting in a prison video-cabin in the Silverwater Correctional Centre, wept during the hearing.

Colt is one of the court to protect has been appointed pseudonym for the family, the identity of the children.

Rhonda Colt said, you should be saved from prison, as her niece, Raylene (above) and cried in court when she was denied.

The older sister of Betty Colt (above) was raped ‘in prison’.

Charlie Colt is facing several charges.

One of the eight Colt-family-members arrested in South Australia in April and deported back to New South Wales.

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The 51-year-old is the oldest of five Colt siblings and her three adult children, after a five-year investigation.

In 2013, 38 members of the now infamous Colt clan were found living in a squalid bush camp with no electricity, sanitation or running water in the hills behind the NSW town of Boorowa.

The children had deformed functions, could not speak intelligibly or walk properly, didn’t know how to use a toothbrush, knew what was toilet paper sex with each other

An investigation by the NSW child protection Squad Strike Force Hermoyne led to the arrest of the Colt’s eight charges, including perjury, incest, lewd and sexual intercourse with a child under the age of ten years.

The Colt clan were scattered from interstate the state of New South Wales, after police removed 13 children were the product of a sexual relationship between a father and daughter, sister and brother, an uncle and a niece or other relatives.

“The family was known to move by the police to avoid the service of legal documents,” Ms Cartwright judge Beverly Schurr said.

The filthy bush camp in the hills, where the police discovered the 38 members of the Colt family life in 2013.

Karl Colt said he was threatened in the care.

Brian Colt’s mind not showering, if found.

The Colt family tree shows the 14 members of the family born as a result of incest.Billy Colt claims of death threats against incest-family -0:42

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