The Russian region is going to integrate with the Donbas

The authorities of the Orel region will create a working group on integration interaction with the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics. This is stated in the decree of the acting Governor of the region Andrey Klychkov. The document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information 12 July, but then attracted the attention only of the local press.

The group included representatives of the government of the Oryol region and the administration of the eagle. The main task of named coordination of interaction of regional authorities with the unrecognized republics of the Donbass. Possible areas of cooperation in the decree are not specified.

According to the Governor Klychkov, Oryol authorities simply sistematizirovat collaboration with the self-proclaimed republics in the socio-economic sphere. “Cultural and business connections between people are impossible to deny. Our goal is to create comfortable conditions”, — quotes the head of the region, “Kommersant Voronezh”. The Governor believes that his decree did not address questions of international law, and I am sure that is indicated in the document, the territory economically, “gravitates to Russia.”

Advisor Klychkov Sergey Lezhnev said “Oryol news” that the purpose of the group is cultural exchange and humanitarian assistance. “The delegation from the DNI and the LC is often visited Oryol oblast with cultural programs,” he explained.

Andrey Klychkov became acting Governor of the Orel region in October 2017. Prior to this appointment, he for eight years was a Deputy of the Moscow city Duma. He was 38 years old, by education he is a lawyer and political consultant who graduated from the part-time branch of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia, specialty “international relations”. Communist.

The Russian leadership has repeatedly expressed support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but in the return of Donbass under the control of Kiev, the Kremlin is worried about the threat of genocide posed, according to Moscow, by radical nationalists. The transition of Crimea into the Russian Federation the Russian authorities believe that the residents of this region, Kiev and the West call it occupation and annexation.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!