The number of victims in clashes in Gaza Palestinians has exceeded a thousand

GAS, 6 APR — RIA Novosti. The number of Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli army on the border with the Gaza strip, reached 1070 people, six Palestinians were killed, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the local Ministry of health.

Earlier it was reported about the five dead and over 900 injured.

“Killed 33-year-old Palestinian earlier today who was wounded. In all the clashes with Israeli soldiers in the Gaza strip killed six people and 1070 were injured,” said Ashraf al-Kidra.

293 among the victims were injured fighting with bullets, wounds 25 is estimated as heavy.

The presence of losses on the Israeli side were reported.

The enclave is the second thousands action the so-called “Great March of return” — a series of anti-Israel protests, which the Palestinians started a week ago and promised to continue until mid-may.

A week ago, when the “Great March of return,” the victims of the clashes began at least 21 Palestinians. Last Friday is the bloodiest day of Palestinian-Israeli confrontation with the armed conflict of the summer of 2014.

The protests, which are still limited to Gaza and not spread to the West Bank of the Jordan river, intended to draw attention to one of the core aspects of the middle East conflict — the plight of the Palestinians who were expelled from their homes in the territory of modern Israel.