Zhdanov – about the attack on the fans of Liverpool: Provocateurs trying to destabilize the situation

The Minister of youth and sports Ihor Zhdanov explained the incident with the attack on Liverpool fans by the attempts of provocateurs to destabilize the situation during the Champions League final in Kiev, but said that it will not succeed and thanked the National police.

“Yesterday’s incident with the beating of Liverpool fans is evidence that provakatory (including the filing of the Kremlin) will try to destabilize the situation during the Champions League in Kiev. But they will not succeed and we will have one of the best Champions League finals in history. I thank the National police for the quick response and arrest of strikers on futbolnyi fans,” wrote Zhdanov on his page in Facebook.

Earlier it was reported that in the center of Kiev unknown persons in masks attacked the Liverpool fans. According to the fans, they just dined, and hooligans attacked them “like a pack of dogs.”

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